Monday, January 23, 2012

I Dyed That!

Today as I drove towards work, the morning sky looked just like my spot-dyed wool called "midnight".  It was various shades of grey and white with a little purple thrown in for good measure.  Now I know 6:30am is not midnight, but nobody told Mother Nature what her sunrise this morning should look like.  And I was really happy that I could nail the sky's color so accurately in my dye pan.

I often take pictures with my phone of color combinations, naturally produced or otherwise, that I want to replicate in a weaving or in the dye pot.  Some may find it odd when they catch me taking a picture of the upholstery on a chair at a restaraunt or a shower curtain at the bed and breakfast I'm staying at, but I find it normal.  Color excites me!  Color breaths with life and is the undercurrent to it.  Color transmits messages.  For hundreds of years, mankind has sought ways to color it's clothing beyond what can be found on the back of a sheep.  People have died for color, stolen for color, and traveled long distances for it.  I for one will never take it for granted.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New year, fresh adventures!

It is this time of year when I begin to line-up fiber festivals, workshops, and seminars for the new year.  It is always exciting to watch my year unfold in the calendar and very complimentary when an organization requests my presence.  I hope that those reading the blog will scroll down to the bottom of the page, drop in to one of the events and say "hello".